Dr. Beth Valentine, DVM, is doing research into shivers, muscle wasting, and related conditions. Her research has identified some links, and a useful treatment program.

Dr. Beth Valentine has opened a Vet Clinic at Rural Heritage magazine The Virtual Vet's office has grown so much that there are now have 14 "Examination Rooms," with Dr. Valentine. (as of 11/3/2000).

Dr. Valentine's home page at Rural Heritage is www.ruralheritage.com/vet_clinic/virtualvet.htm.

Draft Horses: An Owner's Manual

Exciting news! Rural Heritage is publishing Dr. Beth's book on keeping Draft horses. "Draft Horses: An Owner's Manual" includes much information about the causes and effects of EPSM and keeping your horses healthy. Covers both light and heavy horses.
"This manual for draft horse owners of the 21st century comprehensively covers the unique aspects of caring for draft horses, starting with the basics and monitoring draft horse health, then describing things that can go wrong and what to do if they do. "
RuralHeritage.com's virtual vet Dr. Beth and Mike Wildenstein, resident farrier at Cornell University co-authored this brand new book.
- Review by the editor, Rural Heritage magazine.
This important new book is published by Rural Heritage magazine, and is available through their Book store

If you have other questions about EPSM in Draft or Draft Cross horses (or other breeds), contact:

Dr. Beth A. Valentine
Oregon State University
Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
Magruder 142
Corvallis, OR  97331
Phone: 541 737 3261
Fax: 541 737 6817
e-mail: Beth.Valentine@oregonstate.edu

Linda Eskin reports on one EPSM recovery success story, and shares some thoughts about diagnosing EPSM. Horse Owners Tell Their EPSM Stories

Also check the Virtal Vet Clinic on Rural Heritage.com for health advice and information on EPSM.

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