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Becoming an Effective Rider: Develop Your Mind and Body for Balance and Unity
Cherry Hill, Ann Blackstone (Illustrator), Pam Art (Editor), Deborah Burns (Editor) - Paperback: 192 pages, Publisher: Storey Books (December 1991)
Reviewer: Ruggero Romano from Bologna - Italy, April 8, 2002
Very useful

I am an absolute beginner in horseback riding and I have really appreciated the attention that the Mrs.Hill gives to the mental side of riding.(maybe due to the fact that I am not so young even if I started riding only some months ago...). It's very useful to see and understand that beyond your posture in saddle, also your mind approach is important to get the best from the equestrian activities. My personal target in equestrian sports is to have relaxed riding and in this book you may find important suggestions in starting with a relaxed (but not careless) approach to the horse, to the grooming, to the riding etc... avoid transforming a stress-reducing activity in a full-of-doubts-and anxious one. This doesn't mean that ... worrying features (like injuries) are not considered: on the contrary there are many parts about the potential dangers in riding, the wrong approach to the horse, the best way to ride safely. ...To be prepared is the best defence and gives you a stronger and safer confidence when you're going to ride... I strongly recommend this book to the beginner-riders who are searching for a good source of suggestions to prepare "their souls" to face without worries and approach with self confidence the "obstacles" in riding horseback.

Book Cover
Centered Riding (A Trafalgar Square Farm Book)
Sally Swift, Jean McFarland (Illustrator), Mike Noble (Photographer) - St Martins Pr (Trade), Hardcover - 198 pages 15 edition (March 1985)

enlightning , Reviewer: Karen Eaglin from chicago
This is an excellent book that captivates the reader. I am an adult rider, just taking lessons again after 25 years. As a child, centering and balancing comes natually, but as an adult, I needed that extra help in relaxing, and centering my body on my horse. A wonderfull book that any level rider will appreciate.

Debugging Your Horse : A Simple, Safe Approach to Problem Solving With Your Horse
Bonnie Marlewski Probert, Susan Stafford (Editor), Sharon Redfield (Illustrator), Bonnie Marlewski-Probert -- Paperback (September 1999)>
Improve Your Horse's Well-Being : A Step-By-Step Guide to Ttouch and Tteam Training
Linda Tellington-Jones -- Hardcover - 256 pages (November 30, 1999)
Getting the Most from Riding Lessons (Horse-Wise Guide)
Michael W. Smith, Mike Smith -- Paperback, 160 pages, Publisher: Storey Books (November 1998)
Book Description
This reassuring introduction to riding helps novice riders maximize the lesson experience with information about safety, horse behavior, basic riding exercises, and preparing for that first show. This companion guide will help readers feel confident and at ease with a qualified instructor, and help them hone their skills outside

From the Back Cover

Whoa! Don't get on a horse until you read this book.

Boost your self-confidence and get the most for your money with this one-of-a-kind companion guide to riding lessons.

Getting the Most from Riding Lessons gives you all the information you need to communicate effectively with your instructor and advance your riding skills outside of lesson time. Following the easy, step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to:

  • Warm up and condition key riding muscles
  • Brush up the basics
  • Perfect the use of the aids
  • Improve control and coordination
  • Master diagonals, evasions, and collection
  • Advance to jumping and showing
Horseback Riding Made Easy and Fun
Sue Henderson Coen -- Paperback, Publisher: Wilshire Book Co (1969)
19 of 19 people found the following review helpful: A reader from Ft. Payne, AL, December 1, 1998
A must for anyone wanting to learn to ride a horse. I was not an equestrian at all and when I got my first horse I was unable to take riding lessons from a professional, a friend purchased this book for me, she had taken professional riding lessons for years and thought this book to be the best! She was right, I learned how to ride with ease and confidence and was able to handle my Paso Fino. The book is full of pictures showing what the author wants you to understand with clear and concise intructions of every phase of riding. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn how to ride.
The Less-Than-Perfect Rider : Overcoming Common Riding Problems
Lesley Bayley, Caroline Davis (Author) -- Hardcover: 160 pages, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (July 1994)
Reviewer:amhey from Portola Valley, CA USA, October 30, 2001
How you can ride better - depending on your figure.

I like the back views of riders - some tall, some short, some fat, some thin - these are used to give you suggestions on how you can improve your riding. So don't worry if you don't look like an Olympic champion with perfect legs!

The book has many photographs (some in color) that show typical riding faults and how to correct them.

There are some really good suggestions for off-the-horse exercises. This book is ideal for adults getting back into English(as opposed to Western) riding - especially if you rode when you were so small that the only way to grip was with your knees (not the way to ride!). It covers really basic information - like how to find an instructor and a riding school. It covers walking, trotting, cantering and jumping. There is a very informative chapter for the nervous rider.

I keep going back to this book before and after each lesson. Its a good basic book but will only be useful to those who practise what it preaches.

Riding for the Rest of Us : A Practical Guide for Adult Riders
Jessica Jahiel -- Hardcover: 224 pages, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (April 1996)
Reviewer: A reader from Champaign, Illinois, February 11, 1998
At last! Someone who understands the rest of us! More important than her understanding of horses and horse training (which is phenomenonal), Jessica Jahiel clearly understands the complexities of adult life. No unrealistic advice here, no silly assumptions about unlimited time and money, no fantasies about the perfect riding facility or super athletes--equine or human. This book is full of practical, down-to-earth advice, and perhaps would have been better titled "Riding for Most of Us."
Taking Up Riding As an Adult (Horse-Wise Guides Series)
Diana Delmar -- Paperback, 160 pages, Publisher: Storey Books (November 1998)
From the Back Cover

Don't wait another minute -- learn to ride now with this beginner's guide written just for adults.

Make smart choices, save time and money, and fulfill your dream of learning to ride with this practical guide for the beginning adult rider. You'll find everything you need to know to fully enjoy the riding experience including how to:

  • Locate a high-quality lesson barn and instructor
  • Ride safely and prevent injury
  • Make informed decisions about purchasing tack and equipment
  • Understand proper horse handling and health care
  • Organize events and build a riding community
There Are No Problem Horses : Only Problem Riders
Mary Twelveponies -- Paperback December 9, 1982 (0.77 x 8.21 x 5.51 ) Sales Rank: 51,324, Avg. Customer Rating: 4 Stars

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