Draft Horse Riding Saddles

One topic that appears from time to time is the problem of finding a riding saddle built to Draft Horse dimensions.

Please remember that the following information was provided as a courtesy, and is not intended as an offer for sale. Please confirm all product descriptions and prices with Whitman when placing and order based on information from this page.

Please mention the Draft Horse Resource when talking to Whitman Saddles. Thanks!
The Whitman Saddle Company site

Whitman Saddle Company

The people at Whitman were very courteous to me. They kindly granted their permission to use some of their images and information, both from their web site and from their very attractive and informative catalog.

“We offer a variety of products to meet your needs in both performance and budget.”

For the draft horse rider, the important point is that they rate the width of their saddles using a scale that encompasses nearly all draft sizes.

Whitman Saddle Company Product Lines

Whitman saddles are precision made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with incomparable attention to every detail. These saddles are built to endure; many are highly prized family heirlooms, even after decades of use.


Is there anything for those who want a really good saddle which costs less than a Whitman? There is… and that is the great line of Campbells, the American and English made saddles.


Made in America and England using the most cost effective manufacturing procedures possible, we believe these are some of the best dollar-for-dollar values available today.


First brought to the market just ten years ago, this superb line of saddles could well be America’s best value in luxury quality saddles….almost every REMBRANDT model has its own tree and each of those trees is designed to provide the rider with the “seat” they require.


Since 1970 Whitman has imported & distributed AVANTES. Now greatly improved and more keenly priced, this line of saddles, we believe, is without equal among Argentine made brand names.


We consider these to be the best German made saddles available and have been importing them for many years. The … extremely high cost of production in Germany have made these saddles very expensive to import to the United States.


Seville saddles are made from the best possible components in low wage countries. Some feature genuine English leather and American parts. Whitman is making every effort to continually improve this line until it becomes #1 in the low priced field.


Granada is our low end line. It’s great for beginners and for occasional riders. Granada products are made in India and Pakistan.


Manufactured in Austria, this newer name to the American market is now available from Whitman in limited styles and seat sizes.

Draft horse Saddles

Okay, now that we have met Whitman Saddle Company, what do they have to offer for the draft horse rider?

Whitman Saddle rates their saddle tree on a scale from #1 narrow, to #5 very wide.

  • #3 — regular or average size
  • #4 — Regular-Wide
  • #5 — Extra Wide for draft-crosses, warmbloods, and hard-to-fit Arabians, and round-barreled horses.

Be sure to discuss the tree width with Whitmans if you talk to them.

  • Avante Curvet — All-Purpose Saddle
    • No. 1084 — US $449.50 ¹
    • Wool stuffed panels, artfully designed smooth hide padded flaps over well shaped knee roll, double ply chrome billets, on a reinforced, medium depth tree.
    • Seat sizes 14″ to 19″ in brown or black.
    • > Now available in Haflinger fit — wide.
  • Whitman Show Saddle
    • No. 01021 — US $1,550 ¹ — Flat seat, square cantle, pig impression leather
    • No. 01022 — US $1,595 ¹ — Flat seat, square cantle, smooth bridle leather
    • No. 01023 — US $1,575 ¹ — Flat seat, suede leather
    • No. 01046 — US $1,575 ¹ — Deep seat, suede
    • No. 01047 — US $1,575 ¹ — Deep seat, pig impression
    • No. 01048 — US $1,595 ¹ — Deep seat, bridle leather
    • No. 01000 — US $1,750 ¹ — Adjustable bars, Deep seat, round cantle, bridle leather
    • No. 01102 — US $1,750 ¹ — Adjustable bars, Deep seat, round cantle, pig impression leather
    • No. 01001 — US $1,750 ¹ — Adjustable bars, Flat seat, square cantle, smooth bridle leather
    • No. 01103 — US $1,750 ¹ — Adjustable bars, Flat seat, square cantle, pig impression lleather
    • No. 01002 — US $1,750 ¹ — Adjustable bars, Very flat seat, Arab Pro.
    • Whitman saddle tree
    • Whitman’s Ridgeless Seat
    • Extra wide fit saddles are available for large horses. By specifying the breed of your horse, the saddle will be custom made to fit that breed.
    • Sizes 19″ (special order) and from 20″ to 22″
  • Rembrandt Atlantis — Dressage Saddle
    • No. 00301 — US $1,795 ¹
    • Premier dressage saddle in appearance and performance.
    • Swept back tree points for freedom of movement. Triple soft seat.
    • For the horse, the Atlantis offers unrestricted performance.
    • For the rider, the Atlantis offers maximum comfort while eliminating forward, backward and side-to-side movement of the saddle.
    • V-system extended billets
    • Seat: Deep, sizes 16.5″ to 19.5″ in black.
    • > Tree sizes: Fixed 3, 4, or 5
    • Optional:
      • Adjustable stirrup bars
    • Special order:
      • Brown color
  • Rembrandt Integra — Dressage Saddle
    • No. 395 — US $1,799.50 ¹, fixed tree (all sizes)
    • No. 399 — US $1,799.00 ¹, fixed tree with adjustable stirrup bars
    • No. 398 — US $2,350.00 ¹, adjustable tree
    • No. 400 — US $2,495.00 ¹, adjustable tree and stirrup bars
    • Premium quality dressage saddle. One of America’s most popular premium quality dressage saddles.
    • Fully cut-back, low profile pommel.
    • V-system extended billets.
    • Secure seat with large thigh blocks. Triple soft seat.
    • Seat: Deep, sizes 15″ to 19.5″ in black.
    • > Tree sizes: Adjustable, and Fixed 3, 4, or 5
    • Special order:
      • Brown color
      • Short flaps
      • Extra long flaps
  • Rembrandt Laurea — Dressage Saddle
    • No. 00396 — US $1,450 ¹
    • No. 00397 — US $1,580 ¹ with adjustable stirrup bars
    • Formerly known as the Rembrandt III, the great new tree enhances comfort and correct rider positioning.
    • A beautifully crafted saddle with more features than a passier Grand Gilbert.
    • V-system extended billets
    • Seat: Moderate Depth, sizes 16″ to 19″ in black.
    • > Tree sizes: Fixed 3, 4, or 5
    • Extras:
      • US $130 — Extra long flaps
      • N/C –Shorter flaps
      • US $60 — Triple soft seat
      • US $20 — Extra dees or crupper ring
      • US $90 — Extra wide flaps
      • US $40 — Flap keepers
      • US $80 — Point billets
      • US $100 — Removable/adjustable knee rolls
      • US $75/pr — Small knee rolls or thigh blocks (for saddles with removeable knee roll feature)
  • Rembrandt OS (One Size) — Dressage Saddle
    • No. 303 — US $1,595 ¹
    • The “Cushionaire” flap inserts are supportive and comfortable for both long and short based riders — who weigh 120 to 180 lbs. — and have a 14″ to 17″ base-of-support [measured from the pelvis to the bend in the back of the knee].
    • Short tree points with flexible extensions accommodate a round barrel.
    • V-system extended billets
    • Seat: Moderate depth, sizes: One size in black.
    • > Tree sizes: Fixed 3, 4, or 5
    • Special order:
      • Brown color

Whitman carries a complete line of saddle accessories and tack.

  • A premium line of girths from US $18 (washable) to US $84 (show, dressage, and overlay girths)
  • Leathers US $19.50 (biothane) to US $109.95 (Rembrandt premium leathers, 1″ by 63″)
  • Irons from US $11.50 (Nickel plated, Prussian style with black rubber pads) to US $34.95 (Brass Fillis style weighted iron with white rubber pads)
  • Stirrup pads from US $2 to US $8.95
  • Double Fleece Pads from US $23.50 (mashine washable double fleece pad) to US $38.50 (MWS Mustang “Liftback” slot pad)

¹ All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Request the Whitman Saddle Company catalog for premier show quality clothing, bridles, a large array of bits, and reins. Also western clothing, bits, spurs, and tack. All the grooming and show ‘dress-up’ supplies, books, and videos.

Text and images are courtesy, and with permission, of Whitman Saddle Company.