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Peach Lane Harness

Abner S. Esh

88 Peach Lane


    Ronks, PA



I have heard good things about Peach Lane and the prices mentioned seemed reasonable.

According to Jenny, on the Draft Page — My catalogue is about a year old but I’ve never ordered from them. It lists a a single western style harness @ 275 for nylon and 350 for bioplastic (495 and 655 for a team). Does not include collar or bridle, which they do sell. Plain bridle @ about $50 for either nylon or bioplastic . Collars run about 90-100 for a draft horse depending on size.

According to Allison Aldinger — I got the order 2 weeks from the day I mailed it – that’s really good when you consider the delivery time from PA to MN.
Quality – it looks to be excellent workmanship. Only time will tell how it stands up to work.
Price – you can’t beat it – I got breast strap, team pole strap (with combo snap) and both underbelly backers and it came to $41.50 plus shipping. BTW – breast strap came with a snap on both ends – how handy! A full team harness with chrome hardware, black hames -$510 nylon $675 for bio. Add $75 for well spotted. You can also order with out hames, which is handy if, like me you just invested $165 in new hames!
Service – I had an old price list and didn’t write the check out for enough, but he sent it anyhow.
All in all – I’m happy and will order my team harness from them. Also – you can get color overlays on parts. And, you can get the bio and nylon driving lines with braided leather ends.

  • Coblentz Collar Shop
    3348 US Route 62
    Millersburg, Ohio 44654
    330-893-3858 (answering service)The collars are good quality, for a reasonable price.According to Jenny — I have ordered some great collars from these guys. They have an all-leather collar suited for heavy work @ around $140. Since I only drive, I am using 4 adjustable cap collars from them that allow me to adjust the collars up to three inches (100). I’m going to order 3 more leather collars with ticked backing – what they call an Irish collar. Driving quality (split leather) is only about 60 and heavy pulling (all top grain leather) about 140.
  • Meader House Meader House carries a line of new work and show draft and horse harness, both leather and biothane. Collars, hames, and replacement parts. Phone: 1-800-4-Horses to order or to request their catalog. They were prompt, helpful and, reasonably priced for me.
  • Samson Harness Shop

    Samson Harness Shop, Inc.
    6543 Akonerva Road
    Gilbert, MN 55741
    (218) 865-4602

    — From the wilds of North Minnesota comes an an established line of work harness that stands up to work, logging, and show. All of the bits and straps.

    • 191 Team Harness — Wide range of adjustment, for young teams. A very practical and functional harness.
    • 192 Team Harness — Untrimmed work harness, wear leathers. A quality farm harness. Also available for light horse.
    • 193 Heavy Team Harness — High quality work harness. Wear leathers, spotting on bridle front, nose band, back pad, and hip tug. Crome-plated brass or solid brass hardware and spots. Available with heavier traces, and in pony size (mini, small, large).
    • 193X Extra Fancy Spotted Team Harness — same as 193, with spotted buckle safes on breeching, spotted hip straps, spotted tug safe, spotted lazy straps, spotted hip drops, crossline heart drop and graduated nylon spreaders. A fancier harness, but not too expensive. Also available in New England style, as a Side-backer style, and as a Y-Back Harness.
    • 194 Team Harness — Same as 193 without breeching.
    • 195 Team Harness — Same as 193 except with cruppers and a yankee breeching or hip breeching. Available in heavier traces, or extra fancy (spotting).
    • 196 Deluxe Display Harness — Nicely spotted display or parade-style harness. No. 6 Deluxe Display Bridle. Options include heavier trace and 2 or 3 strap breeching. Brass or chrome spots and hardware. A patent leather version available with stainless steel hames.
    • 66 Heavy Draft Single Harness — High quality draft harness, for farm work to street use. Available in breast collar.
    • 49 Breast Collar Style Single Harness — Crupper, plain breeching.
    • 721 Breast Collar & 823 single driving harness — Heavy-duty driving harness, with crupper. Many options.
    • 725 Single Driving Harness — Patent leather, extra fancy, two-ply straps throughout.
    • 204 Double Driving Harness — Also available in a deluxe version.

    The catalog is chock-full of pictures and drawings. Lots of accessories and harness parts. Several well-labeled reference drawing, detailing parts of different harness styles.

  • Roland Harness Supply

    Roland Harness Supply
    313 3rd Avenue
    P.O. Box 66
    Petersburg, ND 58272
    (701) 345-8242 (Evenings)

    Draft patent leather & biothane show harness. Prices on request.
    Rolands lists miniature through draft harness, collars, etc. My 1995 catalog lists very reasonable prices.

  • John Gingrich’s Nylon Harness Shop

    Nylon Harness Shop
    John D. Gingrich
    1340 Amish Blvd.
    Hazelton, IA 50641

    This product list covers single and team harness through halters.

  • Midwest Leather Harness Company

    Midwest Leather Harness Company
    Rt. 2, Box 153
    Paris, MO 65275

    Call for catalog.

  • Brodhead Collar Shop

    Brodhead Collar Shop
    RR #8
    Bloomfield, IA 52537

  • ┬áBig Sky Leatherworks.
    Phil Hixson reports they are “very popular in the Northwest.”

    Big Sky Leatherworks(
    5243 Hwy. 312 E.
    Billings, MT 59105

Other sources

    • Meader House
      Meader House — All sorts of draft and horse-related knick-knacks. From full work and show draft harness to driving harness, to snaffle bit keyrings. 1-800-4-Horses.
    • Weaver Leather
      Weaver Leather — Not just the hides and leather cutting tools, but all of the buckles, spots, and equipment from knives to industrial harness and saddle sewing machines.

      Weaver Leather
      P.O. Box 68
      Mt. Hope, OH 44660 USA

    • Rimples Bits for Driving

      Rimples Bits for Driving
      Bob Ulrich

      This gracious firm will help design the specific stainless steel bit you need. The bit is manufactured in England, with that touch of Continental class. My 5 1/2″ Glory mouth Wilson bit arrived when promised, in a red velvet pouch.

    • Blue Ribbon Specialties is a mail order business:
      • grooming and braiding supplies,
      • custom made stall drapes
      • draft horse blankets

      E-mail Linda Boomer, Blue Ribbon Specialties for a catalog of products or references.

    • Justin Carriage WorksA manufacturer of high quality, hand crafted, horse drawn carriages, buggies and vehicles for personal use or for the touring trade. They are featuring a Commercial Panel Boot Victoria carriage. With music.They list a line of carts, carriages, and sleighs.

      E-mail Herbert Andler at Justin Carriage Works for a catalog of products or references.


    • Royal Oaks Carriages — Custom carriages, carts, wagons, and buggies for the horse, pony or minature.We specialize in fine two or four wheel carriages, buggies, carts and wagons, whether it be for the show ring, pleasure driving, CDE eventing or Weddings and special events, and we can build a carriage to meet your needs.Royal Oak Carriages offers a full line of driving tack, parts and supplies for your driving needs.

      David Conian
      P.O Box 522
      Simonton, TX 77476
      Phone: 281-346-2432


  • The Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center
    The Webs’ largest and most comprehensive site devoted to farriery and hoofcare
    Baron Tayler, Site Manager
    717-336-3696 fax: 717-336-4236Top of Page.
  • Combs Carriages Combs Carriage Supply & Harness
    Email: Stan Combs
    Ponca City, OK 74601Ask Stan about all your carriage and wagon parts, shaft, pole, singletree and doubletree parts and kits.
    Also ask about availablity of ready-to-go hitch wagons, carriages, vis-a-vis, carts, and people movers.
    Combs Carriage features custom Bio, nylon, or leather harness for work or show, in your favorite style. Bio lines with Beta ends for a sure and comfortable grip.

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