Draft Horse Ointments and Salves

This page is not an endorsement or systematic, balanced review of any product, listed here or not. I do want to list my current personal reaction to these products.

My plan is to list only the stuff I am using now. If I seem enthused about a couple of these products, that is all that is being expressed, my enthusiasm. I am not recommending anyone use any of these products for any purpose.

  • Gold Nugget Gnat-Away. This cream is handy around the face, seems moderately effective for a few hours, and contains no insecticide — except Aloe Vera, Fennel, Hops, Camomille, Balm-mint, Mistletoe, etc.
  • Farnam Companies — Swat. This “fly repellent ointment for wounds and sores” was the recommendation a couple of years ago, and I used it for scrapes, abrasions, etc. A couple of years ago.
  • Gold Nugget — Equine Therapeutic Lotion for skin care. This 16 or 32 oz. plastic bottle of skin lotion for the horse seems to fill a lot of needs at my house. For sores, it promotes healing, moistens scabs to reduce itching, applying the lotion seems to irrigate and clean persistent minor sores (like the umbilical stub Kat keeps rubbing). Used sparingly, it is quite thrifty. I am on my third quart in two years, and I am delighted with how gentle and effective it is for general skin care.
  • Gold Nugget — Top Hoof. A novel idea, to apply a cream/lotion preparation to the coronary band at the top of the hoof, to promote healthy growth of hoof. It works, but is certainly more thrifty if you don’t have to penetrate feathers. I like it, and the 16 oz. jar lasts a while.
  • Purina brand Wound Protector For Horses. This spray-on 16 Oz. (They stopped putting the sprayer on…) red-oil preparation has worked very well for me. My mare doesn’t think I have helped her if I don’t rub something, but at times this is the right thing. Of course, the last time I bought it, US $5.95, I was told it was on Purina’s discontinued list.
  • Animal Legends — Tea Tree ADE salve. Like Gold Nugget, a new and exciting presence on my shelf. Here in Phoenix, the salve part varies from congealed, semi-solid (normal room temp) to semi-liquid (summer). It is VERY oily, for when you need to keep a sore or dry skin moistened all day. It is naturally antiseptic (tea tree oil), and quite thrifty. The oiliness, in small quantities, is absorbed over the course of a day or so.
  • Top Care (Fry’s grocery store private label) Therapeutic Shampoo. This coal-tar shampoo, alternated with Animal Legends Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, has been pretty effective in reducing and treating the skin irritations that caused my AQHA gelding to rub all the hair off the base of his tail.